Most mainstream health agencies and training organizations have moved to include opioid overdose within their first aid curriculum. Training is one step in the lifesaving paradigm, accessibility is the other. Opioid poisoning is responsible for deaths at an alarming pace, projections indicate the problem is only getting worse.

Co-Locating Naloxone Nasal Spray in an AED Cabinet is an efficient way to address the accessibility issue. Simply add the remarking/instruction pieces to your current AED cabinet.

Easy to follow instructions on how to rescue and administer Naloxone Nasal Spray.

Build awareness that Naloxone Nasal Spray is available at this location.

Grab and Go solution by attaching our insulated carry pouch containing the nasal spray to the AED.

NEW push button activated voice instructions on the back of the carry pouch.

Co-Location Kit

Narcan kit pouch

Co-Location Kit includes:

  • 1 sign to attach to wall above AED cabinet

  • 1 label for front door of cabinet –
    Size: 7” x 3.75”

  • 1 tear pad of instruction sheets for inside front door –
    Size: 7” x 3.75”

  • 2 labels for sides, 1 for each side

All intended to draw attention to the fact that your AED cabinet now contains Naloxone Nasal Spray.

Most importantly it includes the “Grab and Go” solution, an insulated carry pouch with voice module attached to back, to hold 2 doses of Naloxone Nasal Spray, a heavy duty snap swivel carabiner clip for convenient attachment, a pair of fentanyl resistant gloves and a breathing barrier to be attached to the AED unit.

(Naloxone Nasal Spray NOT included)

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